Metamorphosis with Sono Bella Clinica.

What it is?

Only for you Sono Bella Clinica is organizing our next big event- Metamorphosis 2015

Showing you the abilities of our clinic we want to change lives of 3 lucky ladies - ALL ON US !!!
If you’re struggling to lose weight, fighting with acne and want to get rid of your wrinkles, you have the opportunity be a part of our 2015 Metamorphosis.

What you have to do?

We are giving the opportunity to every single lady, but only final 3 will make it to our program Sono Bella Clinica Metamorphosis 2015.

We are inviting all of you to our casting which will take place Friday April 17th and Saturday April 18th 10am-6pm at Sono Bella Clinica.

Address: 5920 Dempster St, Morton Grove IL 60053

  • Connector.

    During these 2 days our specialists will interview you, ask few questions and take pictures.

  • Connector.

    Next we will pick 3 ladies and we’ll start the journey of changing their lives.

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    We will be guiding them through the 10-week program and all the ladies that won’t make it to our program, but will come the casting- will get a gift from us and an opportunity to take advantage of our specials and discounts these two days.

The whole process will take 10 weeks & will completely change your life forever !!!

**First finalist will go through a complex metamorphosis of her body.**
– 12 week bikini body boot camp in Hyper Fight Club
– 3-4 sessions of infrared Sauna combined with Vela Shape III Laser
– Customized diet plan designed to safely and permanently help you lose weight
– Supplements and Janssen body care products

**Second finalist will go through a series of treatments for anti-aging.**
– Series of Skin Resurfacing and Skin Rejuvenating Lasers
– Botox and Fillers
– Anti-aging line of Janssen products based on Estrogen and Peptides

**Third finalist will go through skin clearing program.**
– Series of Chemical Peels
– Deep Cleansing Facials
– Janssen line of products

If you want to completely change your life and your look, but lacking motivation, don’t wait- come to our casting !!!
We’ll change the quality of your life and together reveal your inner beauty.